„Lieta“ charity foundation

The mission of  „Lieta“ charity foundation:

 To foster and develop public cultural experiences of contemporary spiritual and historical memory.

 Objectives of  „Lieta“ charity foundation:

 To support the establishment, construction and maintenance of the architectural, sculptural monuments, monuments for outstanding people and historical events to be marked and commemorated;

 To support scientific, cultural, educational, art, religion, sports-oriented programs to promote Lithuanian culture and art, improvement of ethnic national attitude;

 To organize and promote Lithuanian culture and art, exhibitions, conferences, seminars and courses which foster ethnic national attitude;

 To support individuals seeking to acquire theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the fields of Lithuanian culture and arts;

 To support Lithuania's cultural and artistic projects and programs significant for public;

 To create the material base of Foundation and strengthen it;

 To develop relations with the Lithuanian communities of emigrants, other institutions and individuals in foreign countries, promoting development of  Lithuanian culture, art and education of ethnic national attitude.