Monument “The Solidarity Crown of the Lithuanian World Community”

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This monument conceived by sculptor Gediminas Radzevicius expresses the idea of the Lithuanian world solidarity, rally of the nation in order to preserve and enhance independent Lithuanian state. Due to the harsh existence on the edge of the historical facts, and also for the peculiar development of humanity, many countrymen have left their homeland. This resulted in formation of the Lithuanian communities in various parts of the world. Countrymen, in order to maintain the Lithuanian culture abroad, join in communities, establish Lithuanian Weekend Schools for children. The cornerstones of Lithuanian national foundation - the native language, historical memory and national traditions.


The summit.of the national historical path and the creative powers - the State of Lithuania. In the monument it is symbolized by the crown, which expresses the essence of the cultural marks from the deep historical past of the Balts. Curved metal vaults symbolize the sky, and the honeycombs with field stones - the hive, into which Lithuanian bees from all countries in the world carry nectar for the honey. Bees in Lithuania have always symbolized family unity and fellowship. These are the crown "jewels" – the input of all the Lithuanian communities in the world restoring the independence of Lithuania. Under the sky, on the hill, symbolizing the mound, there is the altar bricked in field stones for the sacred fire to kindle and there are eight paths from all the world's countries leading to that altar.


The Crown is based on eight stone pillars. The stone for a Lithuanian refers to strength, permanence and eternity. On a spiritual plane – it is longing for homeland, love and respect for the Lithuanian language and history. Eight columns - a hint of octagon badge which is so frequent in our folk art. It is a universal symbol, derived from archaic world model, meaningful to time and space structures in the Lithuanian sky. It also symbolizes tracks of the sun in winter and summer, and most important celebrations of calendar year, and directions of the wind at the seaside. This octagonal sign that marks all parts of the world is used in Christian church architecture. For example, the top of the side chapels of the Cathedral of Vilnius ends with the symbolic arc of the sky with eight columns around it as well.


The crown is with the diadem of Vytis, the state emblem of the honourable historic past, having led to the victories in the battles for independence, the former sign of hope in severe oppression. Today Vytis gallops over the globe, bringing together more than four million members of the nation. In the Monument that is a vane (in Lithuanian tradition, it means protection from evil), but now it is not distracted by draughts of history, but turning back to the dangerous sides of the nation’s will, to one or another political importance.


2010 "Lieta" Charitable Foundation, supported by the organization of LGUVO “Sugrįžus“ (“Return”), society of “Lietuvai pagražinti“ (“Beautify Lithuania”), the international “Gervėčių Club” and other community-based organizations, individuals and being given a plot of land by European park, took the initiative to implement this project. Welcome all the people of the world Lithuanian communities to contribute to this project.

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